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Complete Cinema Systems and Slimline™ Inflatable Screens System

Plug & Play Consoles
Effortless & Rugged
Silent & Versitile

Present an EPIC cinema experience just about anywhere with our PRO Classic SC-SLC complete system which has everything required for setup…you just bring the audience! Includes one of our pro classic SlimLine™ screens, which have been leading in the sealed-air inflatable industry for over 10 years, a quality Sound System, HD Projector as well as all small electronic components & cables, including our pre-wired PRO Showcase™ console w/T-stand, 5″ Preview Monitor, Blu-ray Player, Mixer, Power Conditioner & Microphone.

*If you are considering any pre-connected AV system, make sure you receive cutting edge technology within budget.

Need a Complete Cinema Systems Solution?

For The ultimate viewing solutions for any size audience, at the best prices available?


$7,299 /starting price
  • SLIMLINE™ Screen Models E-SL
  • Quality Sound System
  • HD Projector with Components & Cables
  • Pre-wired Showcase™ Console & T-Stand
  • 5" Preview Monitor
  • Blu-ray Player Mixer
  • Power Conditioner & Microphone


$10,599 / starting price
  • All features of the PRO plus:
  • SLIMLINE™ Screen Models E-SLP
  • Additional Tubing for Extra Support
  • Double Thickness 1000D PVC
  • Premium neoprene material "like a wetsuit"
  • Console with Dual 7" Preview Monitors
  • Additional Blu-ray Player
  • A/V Shelf for Projector/Laptop
  • Upgraded Speakers
  • Rolling Base with Storage for Cables & Accessories


Coming 2020
  • EPIC is now developing our newest Premier Digital Consoles to debut in 2020
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