SC-SLP 40 PREMIER Complete System

SC-SL 40 HD PREMIER complete outdoor cinema system – Projector, Screen, Accessories, Extension Cords, & Hand Truck!


  • 120v
  • 220v

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 SC-SLP 40 PREMIER SYSTEM [PREMIER Screen + Console + Audio + LASER Projector], includes:


  1. One (1)- EPIC E-SLP 40 PREMIER Inflatable frame – (43’ x 26’ x 10’-6”) – Constructed of 28 oz. 1000 denier heavy duty, tear resistant vinyl coated polyester. NFPA 701, IFR materials, rated for safe operation in up to 25 mph winds. All seams hot air welded & reinforced at pressure points. Back support legs on frame for hands-free inflation, & handles for easy positioning before tethering. Pressure release valve automatically controls pressure in the frame to guard against inadvertent over inflating. Proprietary frame fabrication methods eliminate sag at top of viewing surface. Six additional support tubes are built-in for strongest wind resistance & refined appearance. Frame is built specially for use with the 3040 Dual-Vista™screen surface which can be used in either Cinemascope (2.39:1) or Widescreen (16:9) format by use of removable masking panels. 
    1. Includes all nylon tethers & extra added D-Ring Tie down points, (8) steel ground stakes & 10lb hammer.
    2. Two (2) B2000 pumps & hoses w/2” adapters for fastest inflation/deflation.  
    3. Highest quality border / skirt made with premium Neoprene material “like a wetsuit”
    4. Includes Heavy-duty screen transport bag with reinforced pocket to safely store surface
    5. One (1) Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart 8-in-1 System Transporter w/steel tube frame, Loading capacity of 700 lbs. with carpeted deck
    6. Includes comprehensive instruction manual, repair kit, & ongoing technical support
    7. 3-year Warranty on EPIC Screen & 1-year Warranty on Air Pumps
  2. One (1)- EPIC PREMIER Specialty Screen Surface – Dual-Vista™Cinemascope (2.39:1) or Widescreen (16:9) format.
    Includes two options for projection, by use of removable black masking: 

    1. Includes One (1)- EPIC 3040A theatrical quality and machine-washable perforated screen surface featuring our Quick- Zip™ attachment method.
      1. Use Option A (Front or Rear Projection). 33’-2” diagonal picture in Widescreen 16:9 HD screen format, with a final viewing picture size of 28’-5” x 16’-3”, via use of removable black masking.
      2. Use Option B (Front Projection Only). 42’ diagonal picture in Cinemascope 2.39:1 HD screen format, with a  final viewing picture size of 38’-10” x 16’-3” and features our Quick- Zip™ attachment method.
  3. One (1)- EPIC PREMIER ShowCase™ A/V Console in Hard Case, all components pre-wired, ready to plug & play. Built-in LED gooseneck discrete console work light & Retractable AV Shelf for projector or laptop
    1. One (1)- Professional power conditioner with digital meter, surge protection, 8 outlets & lights
    2. Two (2)- Professional Blu-ray Players, rack mounted, up-scales DVD to HD, with remote
    3. One (1)- Professional Handheld wireless microphone with rack mounted receiver
    4. One (1)- Professional 6 channel audio mixer
    5. Two (2)- HDMI LCD Preview Monitors
    6. One (1)- ShowCase™ A/V Console Gig Stand with storage and rolling wheel casters
  4. One (1)- EPIC PREMIER Projector (LASER Style) 8,500 Lumen High Definition 1080p Projector with *FREE lens, remote
    1. One (1)-  Standard Projector Lens *(Included Free through June 30)
    2. One (1) – Heavy-duty Adjustable Project-O-Stand
    3. One (1)- ABS Molded Carry Case
  1.  One (1)- EPIC PREMIER Audio – top-quality & high performance sound system, 2800 watts total!
    1. Two (2)-15” Portable powered bi-amplified professional speakers: weather resistant, & lightweight
    2. Two (2) 50’ XLR speaker cables
    3. Two (2) padded speaker carry bags
    4. Two (2) Professional lightweight aluminum speaker stands with padded carry bag
    5. 2-Year Warranty, (Extendable to 3 Years with Online Registration)
  2. PREMIER System Accessories:
    1. Extension cords: One (1)-100’, One (1)-50’,  Two (2)-25’ single outlet cords & One (1)-25’ triple outlet cord
    2. One (1) Rock-n-Roller Multi-Cart 8-in-1 System Transporter w/steel tube frame, Loading capacity of 700 lbs
    3. Comprehensive instruction manual, repair kit, & ongoing technical support
    4. Manufacturer’s warranty carries on all other electronics

Additional information

Shipping Weight850 lbs
Shipping Dimensions48 × 40 × 60 in
Pump Voltage

120v, 220v