Black Tie, Go ELUX

Deep Onyx Frame, Arctic White Projection Surface, Luxurious Textiles.

All E-LUX Screens FEATURE:

  • Deep Onyx Frame, Arctic White Projection Surface, Luxurious Textiles
  • Includes the highest quality projection surface, DualVista™ (front / rear projection) and machine-washable 
  • Quik-Zip™ attachment method to secure surface to frame
  • Free-Standing Silent Design, with integrated rear support legs built-in
  • Hot-air welded, triple-reinforced seams for an airtight frame with rubberized protection on the base
  • Carry handles on frame for easy placement, heavy-duty carry bag, compact storage
  • Hands-free inflation with reversible pump. Quickly inflate then deflate after use
  • 2 additional tubes at the base make floating easy and adds extra strength
  • NFPA 701 fire compliant
  • Pressure Relief Valve protects from over inflation
  • Proprietary fabrication method produces true aspect ratio without distortion
  • Faster Pump for quicker setup and deflating after use
  • Includes a heavy-duty hard case with wheels for ultimate protection during transportation and storage
  • Lush Deep Space Black neoprene border and skirt surrounds screen surface available with custom logo*
  • Twice as rugged than PRO with heavier gauge hot-air welded PVC
  • Add a Black Rear Projection Vinyl surface to create a virtually invisible look and optimal performance