The frames are fabricated of 25 oz. 500 denier pvc. This material does not have pin holes and will not leak air like normal pvc. This is the same material used to make inflatable boat tenders, and floating trampolines. All seams are overlapped and hot air welded… there are no sewn seams to worry about, that might allow water intrusion and lead to mold or mildew.

The frames hold considerable pressure, so the tubes are far stronger, and allow smaller diameters (half the size of like size sewn frames.) Because the frames are welded airtight, there is no need for a constant air blower, as is required with all sewn or RF welded frames. The frames are much more compact, so are more lightweight, with straight lines and a tight screen viewing surface.

There is a three year warranty on the frame and one year warranty on the screen viewing surface.

Note: The new Premier screens are EXTRA RUGGED with 1000D 28oz PVC.

The only differences are … the AV/Event frames have a 6 ft. clearance from the ground to the bottom of the screen, and they have straight vertical legs. AV/Event frames are only available in the E16 and E20 sizes. The 6 ft. clearance allows viewers to pass under the screen surface without blocking the image. The shorter SlimLine frames are great for pool decks or areas where the audience is lounging; and the extended angled front legs make for a unique stylish look.

Note: The AV versions are custom made ~90+ days.

Unlike sewn or RF welded frames made with much lighter fabrics, these frames are airtight, and are far less susceptible to tears or puncture. Triple reinforcement at tether connection points allows safe operation on windy days…up to 25 mph when anchored securely.

It is lightweight, freestanding, and very stable when inflated. The back legs support the frame for easy hands-free inflation.
Just inflate, remove the pump, easily position for your audience, and anchor. See how easy our Proprietary screen attachment design allows quick zip in/out, with machine washable wrinkle free screen. Quickly tether in grassy surfaces with high tension anchoring system. For hard surfaces, such as pool decks, Water bags (fill to 80# ea.) are included with the SlimLine frames to allow easy anchoring on any surface.

  • Just inflate next to any convenient receptacle, disconnect the pump, and easily move to location of choice.
    Padded handles allow easy lifting.
  • Deflate completely in seconds for compact packing, with the reverse air flow pump.
  • No need to carry or pack a heavy bulky noisy blower.
  • No worry about blower failure in the middle of an event.
  • Suits any layout…screens are for front or rear projection.

If you are using a generator with your system, all systems that use frames with constant air blowers require a 5000 Watt generator to power the blower and AV system. Epic systems with SlimLine™ frames operate throughout an event with only a 2000 Watt generator, because there is no blower constantly running!

The Epic systems use less than half the fuel…not to mention saving considerably on the cost of a generator. And if you have access to power at your event site…if you use a ½ HP constant air blower for 2 hours, you will waste 1.04 kWH (smaller frames).If you use a1 HP constant air blower for 2 hours, you will waste 1.38 kWH (larger frames) But, run the Epic high pressure (3psi) pump for 5 minutes total (inflate/deflate) and use only .0007 kwh for any event. Going green with our screen saves minimum 1 kwh per event ! You sure won’t break the bank running a blower continuously through an event, but let’s save energy and keep it quiet, right? Let’s go green!…

One logo panel is included free with your purchase.
Up to five panels 48” x 60” can be attached on the E20-SL frame. Fewer on the smaller models.
Panels can be custom sizes for greater impact.
Graphics panels are firmly attached, but easily changeable
Call us for planning assistance and exact dimensions of the standard panels for each frame size.

Note: Must be requested at time of order. Please request Guidelines to send us logo before shipping.

Yes. Just inflate by the edge of the pool, detach the pump, and lift over the edge. They float!
Utilize the waterbag anchors to stabilize, set your projector up on land behind it, and you can safely present true dive-in movies.
Any other inflatable, with blower attached, would be a serious safety hazard if people were in the pool.

Note: The new Premier screens are even easier to float as they have additional tubing for extra bouyancy.

The modern sleek design doesn’t waste space, and looks great with any décor. They are freestanding and very stable so they can be placed anywhere indoors with no anchors or weights required. They are silent, so unlike other inflatables there is no interference with any programming. Unlike rigid truss frame screens, the Epic screens set up in a couple of minutes, then can be positioned anywhere in a room for front or rear projection. Some of the models are larger than anything typically seen indoors, so for special events they can be a big hit. Vinyl screen surfaces are available: matte white/black backed, dual (front or rear projection), rear, and 3D soft fold silver – all with the QuikZip feature.

Yes. These frames are airtight and will stay inflated for weeks, or even longer if you wish to keep them inflated for use as signs.

Screen sizes shown are for the actual image viewing projection surface. For example, our E-SL 16 screen has viewing area of 16’ x 9’ (18’-5” diagonal.) The overall frame size for this model is 13’-5” tall x 18’ wide.

Ask for our Specifications to see all screen and frame sizes.

Information on our website at www.epicoutdoorcinema.com will help you determine which model is the best fit.

Yes. Just like the screens, our sign faces will zip in or out of the frames. The sign faces are full color printed and can be quickly changed to announce any event. And also consider using the regular projection surface for streaming digital signage in your lobbies. Just utilize your projector in conjunction with a laptop and you can project any programming your marketing department creates. They are real attention grabbers!

Yes, especially if you have an RV. All you need is a generator and satellite feed (if you want live signals). Or, just play re-runs. You will still draw a crowd. Just inflate, position, and anchor your screen, start the projector, and head for the cooler. If you wish to show live sports, ask about our wireless AV senders.

Yes. The system has everything you need for professional quality audio programming.
Host Karaoke before a movie or sports program to get the audience enthused, or offer Karaoke events as a completely independent activity.
You can even film your contestants and show them live on the big screen!

You can use satellite or cable feeds for live sports and entertainment events…super bowl, NCAA games, concerts, etc.

Have a band playing weekends anywhere on property? Film them live and show on the big screen on the pool deck.
Do a lot of weddings? Imagine having a big screen at the reception to show wedding clips and live party happenings. 

For corporate events, host an evening gathering outdoors.
For the kids, do giant video games on the pool deck every night.

Because the SlimLine™ screen is so versatile, you can set it up on the lawn for a promotional event, then easily move it to the pool deck or beach for movies.

Host a community film festival to draw off-property visitors.

Vacation ownership resort? Offer free tickets for your evening programs. Your sales team can circulate in that fantastic casual environment and book tours.

Yes. Our pre-wired consoles are optimized for each screen size, with all AV control components in one padded hard case. Nothing gets misplaced between events. Just plug in the pro quality speakers, and press play. Wireless microphone frees your staff to roam the audience and create real excitement and anticipation.

Ask for our specifications to see component features and brands included with each different model. As an authorized dealer for all major brands of projectors, speakers, and mics…even carts, we are your one stop resource whether you need a projector lamp, extra speaker, or a complete system. 

Yes. If you are located in the US, we can help with 100% financing on purchases of $5,000 or more. We have strong relationships with lenders. This means you will have access to the lowest possible rates, quick approvals, and flexibility in how your payments can be structured. 90-day no payments, Seasonal Payment programs and Step
Payment programs are available to help you purchase the item(s) you need, today.