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EPIC is the leading innovator in the portable, outdoor cinema industry. EPIC’s unique Slimline™ sealed-air screens and complete cinema ShowCase™ systems are preferred by commercial, corporate, and recreational clients around the world! As a market leader, EPIC offers diverse solutions for the hospitality, education, and government markets, with an emphasis on creating EPIC experiences!


Why We're The Best

— High Quality Screen

EPIC’s Slimline™ inflatable projection screens are sleek, attractive, functional and versatile. Our free-standing silent projection screens can be utilized in many venues. Quick and easy to set up, there are no parts and pieces to loose, damage or forget! 

— Over 2,000 Customers

There are over 2,000 EPIC screens/systems in use today around the owrld including several in Austrailia, Dubai, the Caribbean and large oranizations like the US Military, NASA, the Smithsonian and Disney.

— Customer Satisfaction

Over the years, EPIC has established a reputation of delivering high quality inflatable cinema screens with excellent customer service and support. We are committed to serve your needs with the latest technological innovations, products and team experience providing a complete, integrated solution.


Our Approach

A solution to every situation

 The complex nature of today’s visual display applications offers a variety of challenges. We strive to address these challenges with the most innovative, efficient and cost effective products available. EPIC’s integrated visual display solutions are comprised of ground-breaking display technology and world-class system integration expertise.


Happy Customers

People love our Products!

make it more...epic!

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