Laser-based projection offers extended brightness, lower maintenance, and impressive color over lamp-based models. An Extremely high contrast ratio offers deep blacks and rich bright colors, perfect for starting a movie just before dark. Virtually maintenance-free operation as there is no need to replace a lamp or filter, for up to 30,000 hours. Compact size, low weight and quiet operation makes it perfect for special events. Geometric four-corner correction makes for a simple setup. Unlike lamp projectors, the picture quality of a laser unit won’t degrade. This is due to the sealed optical engine which eliminates any worry that dust, smoke, and salt-air (for those hosting movies on the beach or near the ocean) will affect the picture over time.


If we are going with the obvious, one disadvantage of laser projectors is a slightly higher upfront cost. When working with a fixed budget, we understand this can be a critical decision for some organizations. Fortunately, the cost has come down recently and adding a laser projector is more affordable and accessible than ever. This upgrade has greatly benefitted businesses, higher education, entertainment venues, houses of worship and community parks improving the overall quality of their events.